Production Meteor Deployment in 10 Minutes


Hi everyone!

I just wrote a quick tutorial on how to deploy a meteor application (Rocket Chat) with Sticky Sessions, Websockets, SSL, and a $5 DO box in 10 minutes or less.

If it’s helpful let me know. If it’s not helpful let me know.

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Is mup dead? (deployment)

Man, this is complicated. Why not setup nginx and node and you’re done?


Do we have ssh access to a DO? I need access to the file system OUTSIDE of Meteor because I use it to store pdf templates and write temporary files.

I can’t figure out (because I don’t have the time to put into it) how to do this in Docker, so I have to go native or metal.


Yes you have complete SSH access to DO machines (just like EC2). In fact our deployment method I shared previously calls ssh using private key to the target machine.


This is good. I’ll consider DO when I’m ready to look at hosting providers again.

Also, I forked arunoda’s meteor-up (it is abandoned, with the last version here was 0.11.3 and created a brand new repo that picks up where it left off – namely supporting 1.2 + deployments without docker. I called it meteor-up-classic. I’ve successfully gotten running using mup-classic (where as arunoda’s mup doesn’t support anything above meteor 1.2).

Of course if you need or want docker, kadirahq’s meteor-up is where the new development is taking place. I my case I can’t use docker because I need access to the file system (read/write/delete dirs and files) OUTSIDE of the Meteor application and don’t know enough about docker to configure that (and don’t have the cycles to figure it out right now) – hence meteor-up-classic.