Production support


I am about to launch my meteor app to my customers and I would like to know what production support is offered in case I run into major issues with my production app.



I believe that there is no official production support available from Meteor/MDG. They will probably offer such a thing once they launch their Galaxy Meteor production hosting offering.

Until then I believe the best way to ensure smoothness of operations is

  1. to have devs experienced with Meteor development & deployment, as well as with operations/sysadmin on your team (or hire them)
  2. and/or to use a production-grade hosting platforms such as Modulus & Compose for Meteor & MongoDB – though I cannot speak about their quality from experience I believe these might currently be the most solid options around
  3. to use Kadira and a server monitoring solution such as Sysdig Cloud or NewRelic in order to gain full insight into what’s happening in production and when something needs to be fixed and what and how.

There should be enough developers/DevOps people around in the community that it shouldn’t be too hard to find and hire them for now, until MDG offers their own production hosting & support packages.

Does that help?


Yes it helps. I am new to meteor and for my business I find it risky if i dont have a specialist support engineers from meteor if there is a production issue. e.g I dont want to hit a core meteor problem in the middle of by peak business hours and not having anyone to talk to about the problem and get the solution for SEV 1 problems.


Is there any 24/7 oncall number or atleast 6:30PM to 6:30AM PST time for me to reach out to for any help? Even a online chat availability would do for now.


Hope it is going well. if you want MDG support apply here