Profile and Navbar profile picture with Cloudinary


New to Meteor. I have already set up Cloudinary so that users can upload a profile photo. I am having difficulty retrieving that profile photo.{

  'submit form': function(e, t) {


    var files = [];
    var file = $('#userimage')[0].files[0];
    files.push(file);'uploadPhoto', Meteor.userId(), "test")

    Cloudinary.upload(files, function(err, res) {
      console.log("Upload Error: " + err);
      console.log("Upload Result: " + res);

The idea is that I will somehow retrieve the photo_id from cloudinary (which I don’t know how to do) and then insert it where “test” is at now. The uploadPhoto method is just intended to add the photo_id to the user:

uploadPhoto: function(userId, photoId) {

  Meteor.users.update(userId, {
    $set: {photoId: photoId}

So when a user logs in, I can grab the get their photo_id and use it to display the photograph on their profile page and on the navbar.


I am in a similiar situation . Have you been able to solve this?