Programming language

Hi all
There are many programming languages like python, ruby, php, java …
According to everyone should learn what kind.
Thank all

Javascript, to use Meteor of course!


That is a super loaded question! You’re probably going to get a biased response from this forum, considering Meteor is built with Javascript! That being said, learning “a language” probably isn’t particularly useful on it’s own.

If your hope is to make yourself competitive for a job - you’ll never be able to guess which language a company uses

If you have a specific project in mind, different languages lend themselves to different projects, e.g., javascript for web, ruby for CLI, python for ML - of course you can use almost any language for any task, but might find things more difficult.

I’d advise you sample a bunch of languages, particularly across functional, OO and messaging based languages, and similarly familiarise yourself with a variety of frameworks. This would make you adaptable, and you’ll find it easier to learn new languages in the future.