Progress, but now trying to patch from 1.2 to

Hi I deleted a non central feature of my app to upgrade to 1.2
– thanks for help
It all seems to run.
now it suggests a meteor update --patch
(to allow 1.2.02)
the patch applies, but when I try to launch with > meteor there are errors below
What might be the process for responding to these “failure to launch” messages:
My goal is to get it up to modern shell with blaze imports etc.

=> Errors prevented startup:                                  ge versi

   While selecting package versions:
   error: Conflict: Constraint ecmascript@0.12.0 is not
   satisfied by ecmascript 0.1.5.
   Constraints on package "ecmascript":
   * ecmascript@=0.1.5 <- top level
   * ecmascript@0.1.5 <- templating 1.1.4 <-
   accounts-ui-unstyled 1.1.8 <- accounts-ui 1.1.6
   * ecmascript@0.1.5 <- templating 1.1.4 <-
   blaze-html-templates 1.0.1

It may be helpful to consider updating to the latest Meteor, 1.9.

I think the point is to take it a step at a time and sort a minor issue at a time, rather than try to go from 1.1 to 1.9 in one shot and have enough issues to make want to give up.

I think this one should work itself out if you use the --allow-incompatible-update flag since they are all core packages and you’re only jumping up a single patch release.

That being said, if you have a repository I could clone, I’d be happy to try to help you work through updating the app.


Thank heaps copleykj !
I seemed to work when i jumped right over to 1.2.1
Im on to 1.3 next ; )

[ I expect at some point soon will have to start adding import statements
and code changes ]

Actually as crazy as it seems, you won’t. The backwards compatibility in Meteor is almost miraculous. Unless you choose to either move into a directory called imports, or specify client and server entry points under the meteor key in your package.json, your app structure should not have to change.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t, or that I don’t recommend it, it just means you won’t be forced to due to changes in Meteor.


Thanks for all your help.
Keeping you up with my progress.

I’ve got to METEOR@
which is great.

My next step is to 1.4
I’m on windows and developed the node-gyp C compiler install wobble.
( I have vs2015 and vs2017 so i have messed up my machine some )
I may try to get to 1.4 using Ubuntu as I think it will have less C issues.

Thankyou for all great help so far.