[Progressive Booting] Bind/link collection to existing HTML DOM elements


  • Today it’s mobile first since most users on mobile devices. However, JS execution on mobile browsers is still not like on desktop. Thus, the initial app start after 10-20 seconds (depends on device) of scripts executing.
  • Good solution for this is Progressive Booting. The main idea is render HTML on server and then apply scripts after First Meaningful Paint.
  • On practice it works good with Meteor using meteorhacks:inject-initial and meteorhacks:ssr packages.


  • The only one problem is left – how to apply/bind/link collection for already (on server) rendered HTML to make it reactive as it was rendered by Blaze on client?

Is there is any collections API to tell Meteor that particular HTML template should be linked to certain collection?

Thanks in advance!

I found related thing --@arunoda it seems (still experimenting) did it with React. However, him flow-router-ssr still in development. Does anybody use this in production?