Project is not recompiled correctly

Hello there,

Background: I recently upgraded my project to version 1.11.1.
Now everytime I make some changes in the files, the project is recompiled, but the previous state of the project (without the changes) is loaded. Even restarting the app does not help.
At the moment, I have to close the app, call ‘meteor reset’ and restart. Furthermore, there are no errors or warnings shown.
I have already reinstalled node_modules and meteor, with no success.

Also a colleague tested this on Mac and it´s running with no problems (I am using Windows10).

Does anyone have an idea how to solve this?

Thank you in advance!

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Try deleting the folder .meteor/local

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Same Problem here. Appeared after upgrade to 1.11.1.

Also Windows 10, also colleagues with Mac without the problem, and closing, ‘meteor reset’ and restarting helps as a workaround (but is tiring on the long run, of course).

Unfortunately, deleting .meteor/local does not help.