Projects under just went down?


Hey! Did all user sites hosted under just go down? Can’t find
any info about maintainance. Both mine and some random googled all
display “This site is loading.” when trying to access them :confused:

The free tier has barely been working for weeks now

Following status for 3 active projects:
1 loading the page, but not connecting to DB
1 working (edit - page not loading)
1 working, but TERRIBLY slow (edit - error message saying site has crashed)

For the first project that’s not connecting to db, up until about 10 mins ago I could meteor mongo into the db from the console. It just started saying “service temporarily unavailable”.


Mine is up now. The service goes down every now and then. It’s free after all.


Yeah, no hard feeling, awesome service btw, just making sure that the error isn’t behind the keyboard :wink:


Yup, same is happening with my project as well. A good reminder to make a db backup as soon as it will be up.
What hosting will the community is recommending? Digitalocean?

UPD: and it’s up after 30 minutes.


I’ve tried many services. Right now I’m using Azure and wouldn’t leave it for anything except maybe Galaxy when it comes out (if the up time is just as good).

Azure has given me 100% up time for ~6 months (since I started using it). No other service has come close to it.


While on the subject, how does one perform a database backup? Never worked with Mongo before.


This is the first time i see M-Deploy down… or partially broken.
Its Free guys, and a great tool to learn…not to deploy a Bussiness class app


stuff in bold is what you should change:

  • In terminal paste the following (all this should be done from the folder you want to store the backup in):
    meteor mongo --url

  • That will give you a bunch of text that contains a temporary client login and password. You then paste the following in terminal and replace stuff from that link

where username = “client-XXXXX” password= what follows the : after username and app name is after the / in the url

This will generate a folder called ‘dump’ and in that will be your backup


1 of 2 still down for the count. Getting 503 and can’t get into the db either. The other is fine. Weird. I’m sure they’ll straighten it out soon enough.


Yeah, seems to come back up one and one. No damage done, all databases seems intact apart from right around the outage. Seems like if you tried to access or update the site during the problem, you might have to deploy again.


Ps. Thanks Meteor team for fixing whatever it was so quickly! :slight_smile: hands over cookies


Thanks for this thread. Still down. I just set up a new app last night, just checked to find it was down. Was confused. I guess I’ll just wait to see if it comes back.


Just reployed an app and getting “The site is loading.” Keeps retrying, has been for about 15 minutes now.

End of the semester and thousands of students deploying final projects? That’s the boat I am in anyhow.


Mine is still down… was able to make a DB backup but the site itself doesn’t seem to be running.


Site down again this morning. Is there a place that reports on server status of Meteor? or is this it?


yeh i’ve been getting mongoDB connection glitches there all week.

what are the steps for getting an external mongoDB hooked up to a hosted app?

for local running:

PORT=3000 MONGO_URL=mongodb://localhost:27017/myapp node main.js

but otherwise you have to hook into

process.env.MONGO_URL = '..';

is this a good workaround? assuming its just the DB thats the problem on these days.


I’ve been running into problems too, tried deleting my apps and re-deploying but that doesn’t seem to help at all.