Promote METEOR: Create portable demo environment to demo meteor in my company

Hi gurus,

I would like to make a portable demo environment for my company, something like a msi,

  1. Download this
  2. Double click
  3. And go to your browser and see the demo app

All employees have windows machines.

  1. What i now can do
  2. Make a zip
  3. Let them download meteor
  4. And make a bat file they can click on
  5. Open browser

Any ideas?

Hi guys, do you maybe already have any ideas?

Mh, so you want to make a “desktop app”? What about or

Mm, have to look at those. But i also noticed that
I can just supply the meteor download.exe
No signup needed
Let them extract the zip with my meteor project
Click startup.bat and
Open browser to localhost:3000