Props not ready in komposer container?

my doesn’t seem too be ready when the container is initially loading up-- and so it throws an error in the publication that requires that String…

There’s a few different ways to wait on it, but what is the best practice in this case?

component that is passing props to container:

import Single from 'single-container.js'

//props are coming from a layout component that gets them from react-router
export const SinglePage = (props) => (
  <Single id={} /> 


komposer container

import { composeWithTracker } from 'react-komposer';
import { Messages } from '../../../../api/Messages/Messages.js';
import { Single } from './single.js'; // component being wrapped by this komposer container
import { Loading } from '../../loading.js';
import { Meteor } from 'meteor/meteor';

const composer = (props, onData) => {

  const messagesSub = Meteor.subscribe('messages',;
  if (messagesSub.ready()) {
    let messages = Messages.find({messageType: 'report', parentId: id}).fetch();

    onData(null, { messages});

export default composeWithTracker(composer, Loading)(Single);