PSD to Meteor - Front End Considerations?

I am a designer (for print mostly) and not a developer, so please bear with me. :slight_smile:

What process does a Meteor developer take into order to move from PSD to a functional front-end that works with Meteor?

Specifically, I am trying to sort through if Bootstrap, Zurb, and Semantic UI are the best routes to go. Would it be preferable to hire someone to do a “PSD to Bootstrap” conversion first, or should I just hand over the PSDs to a Meteor developer to begin with?

Thanks in advance!

As a developer, I have worked with designers using an app called Zeplin as the interface between us. I know I’m not actually answering your question, but what I’ve found with Zeplin is that it’s much easier to receive designs made with this tool since it will spit out HTML and CSS for you. Then whatever front end stack I’m using (Blaze, React, etc) I’ll translate generated HTML/CSS and code the corresponding Blaze Template or React Component.

If somebody gave me a photoshop file, I might have to make some assumptions about pixel widths, gradient transitions, etc.

Hey @peterm, thanks for the info. Zeplin looks like a pretty interesting tool. I think it would almost be similar to how some are using Since it can also generate/export HTML/CSS and even JS.

So where does Bootstrap, Foundation, Semantic UI fit into the equation if all you need for a Blaze Template or React Component is HTML/CSS? Is there any benefit to using any of these front-end frameworks? Maybe for some front end folks it is their preferable tool to generate the HTML/CSS - which they will then bring into Meteor?

I have read about Semantic UI allowing you to manage the “lifecycle” of your UI components. Does that mean your front-end would have version and deployment mechanisms for easy updates/changes later?