Pss, wanna press some buttons?

Hey, everyone.

I’ve created a simple app similar to Meteor ToDos or Meteorchef’s Base - so that I can clone it, modify a little and use it in some real-life app. I tried to follow official guide.

This is an app for online polls with results rendered to chart. And it is super-duper-pre-alpha.

Now I need some real life feedback so please consider helping me test basic functionality. Follow provided steps and leave your feedback, impression, bug reports and anything else here! Thanks!

:medal: Thank you!

Go to and press any button.

:medal::medal: Battle tester

Go to, signup, verify your email, create a poll.

Feel free to use 10 minute mail or something similar.

:medal::medal::medal: If we meet, I’ll treat you with a bottle of a beer

See source code and say why am I should stop develop things.

PS: I set Google Analytics. If it is inappropriate, don’t follow links.
PS2: I have my doubts about the possible amount of involved people, but my mailgun account can only send 100 mails/hr, so there may be missing mails.