/public/assets built to different location than /public/Assets

I have created a folder called assets inside the /public/ folder. When the Meteor application is built, I find this assets folder has been copied to these locations:

  • /.meteor/local/build/programs/web.browser/assets/
  • /.meteor/local/build/programs/web.browser.legacy/assets

If I rename the folder to Assets (or if I give it any other name), when the application is built, I find it deeper in, inside the app folder at:

  • /.meteor/local/build/programs/web.browser/app/Assets/
  • /.meteor/local/build/programs/web.browser.legacy/app/Assets/

I understand that files inside /private get moved to /.meteor/local/build/programs/server/assets/app, and that you can use the Assets global to access these files. However, I was unaware that an assets file in the /public/ folder is treated in a special way, and I have not been able to find any details about this.

What is the logic behind this? What is the intention? What are the best practices for working with a folder at /public/assets/?

I would like to 1+ this as well, I have been having a hard time getting my various media assets to share from the public folder if they aren’t explicitly used in my application.

I am deploying on my own app and I can get the manifest to show in the public folder but no matter where I put the images it references, they aren’t found when deployed.

Please don’t suggest mup/phusion/passenger as the solution.

@lexogram. Did you figure this out?

@dcantato You might find this thread on StackOverflow interesting.