Public File Upload Using VeliovGroup/Meteor-Files-Demos

Just trying to figure out how to upload images to the public images directory, or link the default directory to the public directory in some respect. This is the code that I’m using, and I can’t get anything to upload to the public directory, though I can to the default directory. Thoughts?

export const Images = new Meteor.Files({
  debug: true,
  collectionName: 'images',
  allowClientCode: false, // Disallow remove files from Client
  storagePath: './public/content/images',
  onBeforeUpload: function (file) {
    // Allow upload files under 10MB, and only in png/jpg/jpeg formats
    if (file.size <= 1024*1024*10 && /png|jpg|jpeg/i.test(file.extension)) {
      return true;
    } else {
      return 'Please upload image, with size equal or less than 10MB';