Publish a collection and aggregation in same subscription?

Hi guys,
is there any way to publish a collection and results of an aggregation query in same subscription?

Something like

, Collection2.aggregate(…)

is not working as aggregation return an array and publication is supposed to return a cursor.

It seems, the only way to do that while keeping Collection1 results reactive, is to do something like that:

const handle=Collection1.find({}).observeChanges({
added: function(id, fields) {
self.added(“Collection1”, id, fields);
removed: function(id) {
self.removed(“Collection1”, id);
changed: function(id, fields) {
self.changed(“Collection1”, id, fields);

const agg=Collection2.aggregate([…]);
agg.forEach(function(item) {
self.added(‘Collection2’, item._id, item);

self.onStop(function() {


Any performance concerns with that approach? Any solutions besides that? Thank you!

Did you get anywhere with this?