Publish all documents user have access to

Hi. I have tried so many ways and even help on stackoverflow but no one/nothing helped so far. I am trying to publish (or subscribe) to all documents that user has access to based on his role groups.
I basically have XXX documents in Docs collection. User data is extended with roles from meteor-roles package, so i created set of permissions, where each group = id of docs. At this point every user have different groups of permissions.
How do i publish (or subscribe) to all documents that logged in user has permissions to?

When i am trying to publish docs and return docs.find({_id: {$in: this.userId.roles}}), server tries to publish it to anonymous user, doesn’t get any id so nothing works.
When i try to subscribe to complete docs publication and select all documents that _id = user.roles, nothing is shown. How to properly do it?