Publish custom user fields

I create custom user fields

user = Meteor.users.insert({username:'Neo', money: 200})

in client i want

Tracker.autorun =>
  user = Meteor.user()

  user.username # "Neo" # undefined

money is undefined, not 200


Meteor.publish null, ->
	return Meteor.users.find({_id: @userId}, {fields: {money: 1}})

you must create an auto-publication with the name null, you do not need to subscribe to such publications, and they are always available on the client.

P.S. this not working:

	forLoggedInUser: ['money']

I write this simple working function:

Accounts.publishFields = function(options) {
  var currentUser, otherUsers;
  ({currentUser, otherUsers} = options);
  if (currentUser && Object.keys(currentUser).length) {
    Meteor.publish(null, function() {
      return Meteor.users.find({
        _id: this.userId
      }, {
        fields: currentUser
  if (otherUsers && Object.keys(otherUsers).length) {
    Meteor.publish(null, function() {
      return Meteor.users.find({}, {
        fields: otherUsers


  currentUser: {
    steamId: 1
  otherUsers: {
    avatar: 1,
    nickname: 1

I don’t think you need any special case for this. You should have publications that hold the data you need in your app.

If you always display the current user’s money, then you would just create a publication that provides that, and subscribe to it where you display it, the same as any other publication.

I do not need a subscription to the publication, I need Meteor.user() to return all the fields I need.

You do if you are doing the request from the client.