Publish reactive joins in 2023, state of meteor-reactive-publish

Hi all,

need an advice for getting reactive joins in publications running in a manageable way. Hoped to achieve this with meteor-reactive-publish, but this seems to be stale and based on fibres which I guess will be problematic.

Edit: Already got a custom publication running observing serveral added, removed, changed events, but this is getting pretty complicated…

I forked the original “meteor-joins” which has reactive capability, however it has not been updated in a while.

May be easy to tweak for the current version of Meteor.


Another option is zodern:relay using reactive pipelines. It is not as flexible as reactive-publish, but it was designed to handle most of the same use cases with similar performance.

For reactive-publish to work without fibers, Tracker needs to first support async tracker computations, which is currently being discussed and experimented with. reactive-publish will probably also need to be updated to avoid race conditions and properly handle async tracker computations.