Publishing Platform for Organizations - Looking for Feedback

Hello everybody,

First of all I would like to express my appreciation for Meteor.JS. It truly is an amazing framework and quite possibly the most amazing thing I ever worked with.

Next, I would like the Meteor community’s feedback on an application that I’ve been building. It’s a publishing platform for organizations.

For a demo, please visit:
and log-in using…
Username: demo-public
Password: demo-public

I’m looking for feedback on anything you may want to share on its design or performance.

Thank you so much!

Hey, nice work!

It’s a very interesting tool. I think that the left menu could be less colorful, a bit more ‘serious’. But the experience feels great!

Thank you for the compliments!

The product is only now just at “beta” stage. But what you say about the colors is definitely true since I am trying to target organizations not users.