Pull back & update the entire document JSON

Solace here from www.StarCommanderOnline.com - I just wanted to say THANK YOU to this community. I appear to now be free from any major bugs and defects in my product.

With out Meteor & this community, this would not be possible.


I built an in game editor, but every time I edit something or add a new field, I have to go modify the form. How can I pull back the entire JSON document, edit it, and resubmit the entire json field back, rather than simply just item by item?

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Can you clarify what you mean by having to modify the form?

Here’s the form I use to modify stuff. Except it’s out of date with the data I have attached to an object.

So, instead, I go to MongoDB manually, and update stuff. This is a visual editor tool I have, and I want to take this…

And do this…

You should be able to JSON.stringify your document and stick it into a textarea/code editor, then when you click update, take the string, JSON.parse it and update the document in mongo?