$pull not work?

In mongo shell my query work fine, but with meteor no, why?

for example

"_id": “ckhSJ5zmbT4JLL2w8”,
{ “$pull”: { “orders”: { “id”: “tm4RuXwgYQSK6wpfz” } } }

i use SimpleSchema, and autoform. any body help?

what means "with meteor no"
does it result in error? result of 0 updated, or what exactly ?
and SimpleSchema can stop u from doing that if result does not match the required structure/format…

@shock nailed it - we need more details to help you troubleshoot. Unless of course your example is just not working because you meant to use _id instead of id for your orders match.


The $pull operator definitely works in Meteor. To see it working:

  1. Create a brand new meteor project: meteor create mongo-pull-test

  2. Replace all generated files with these 2 files:



  {{#with garage}}
    {{#each cars}}
  <button>Goodbye Hyundai</button>


Garage = new Mongo.Collection('garage');

if (Meteor.isClient) {

    garage() {
      return Garage.findOne();

    'click button': () => {
      const garage = Garage.findOne();
      Garage.update({ _id: garage._id }, {
        $pull: {
          cars: 'Hyundai'

if (Meteor.isServer) {
  Meteor.startup(() => {
    if (!Garage.find().count()) {
      Garage.insert({ cars: [ 'Ford', 'Honda', 'Hyundai' ] });

Click the “Goodbye Hyundai” button and $pull will remove it from Mongo.