Push for Meteor


we at Activitree haven’t done much work on mobile (Cordova) recently but we are preparing for some projects.
The Push package we promoted and maintained (activitree:push) has been receiving internally some experimental updates and some changes of concept such as:

  1. Use a separated DB for anything that is Push related (use a MONGO_PUSH_URL: in the env vars)
  2. Updates to Firebase internals.
  3. Working on Merge Push and Mail server-side to make both high-output ready. This caters to systems with large numbers of notifications where users may choose to receive notifications by mail, Push or both or something else.

I would like know from you what are your needs or ideas that you would like to see in a future package.

Thank you.


Hi Paul,

just saying, we’re using a hacked version of your Package for years now since you once helped me a lot with setting it up…

It’s great that it’s gonna get some love.

This is actually a package / topic which I think is really integral to the entire Meteor Ecosystem and should potentially also be sponsored / get input & cooperation on maybe from the Meteor Core Team & the Meteor Company.

This is a required feature for many modern web-based apps as well as mobile apps.

@Meteor Team, get on it! :slight_smile:

(PS: Who could I tag here to get this more attention?)

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