Push new update IOS app store

Hi All,

May be repeat question but I couldn’t get answer to this question.

I’ve ios app in app store and in the next version I have some breaking changes to my app.

How to push next version of my app?

First thing is I need to send this app to review to apple team,

For apple team to review my app, I need to deploy my latest code to my servers

If I deploy my code to servers every user will automatically gets the update through HOT CODE PUSH.

As it is a breaking change I want users to update from app store only.

Can anyone explain how to do this?

disable hot code push. its not production ready yet and submit your new versions.

how are you disabling hot code push?

do a

meteor remove autoupdate

to remove the autoupdate package


or delete the line in your package list

you can also try solderzzc:disable-hot-code-push