Push notification between two applications in Meteor


Is there any way i can use push notification for client and admin applications.I mean i have two apllications one is for client and another is for Admin.So i just need to implement push notification from both ends i.e if client like the offer of Admin then admin can get push notification from client and when Admin answer any query of client push notifications goes to client from admin.I am able to implement push notification using internal monoDb data But getting problem while using Server MongoDb (comman database for both applications).Please suggest me something related to this any advise will be greatly appreciated.


Have you tried the raix:push package?



Thanks for your reply, I am using the same package which you have mentioned on your comment.By using this package i am able to send push notification to userId defined in user collection in Meteor mongo(which is created automatically on registring a user).But how can i send notification to userId define in main remote server collection or how can i get registration Id of that particular user?