Push notification service (OneSignal, GoRoost, PushCrew)?


Is anyone using a push notification service like OneSignal, GoRoost, or PushCrew? If so, what are your recommendations?



No, but I’m using raix:push with no problems. You have to create CERTs for iOS and appID’s for Android, but it’s fairly straightforward.


You could also look into Amazons Simple Notification Service, That’s what we use in production.


@occasl can we use raix to push notification on web app ??


For push notifications can be use the ZetPush https://zetpush.com/.


+1 for AWS SNS, using it for a long time with no issues via official aws-sdk NPM package


Hey, If I use AWS SNS, will I need to Resubmit my App to the Apps store or will hot-reload update the app for me and it starts working on current versions?

Second question. Does anyone have Experience using Firebase Cloud Messaging?


Been a while since I worked with the appstores, but I think any change to the packages means a resubmit. Only when the only thing changing is your own code, hot-reload update will work.


Usually AWS SNS is the backend part of your application stored on server.


If you add Cordova packages then you’ll need to resubmit. If you only change your own code or add simple npm modules a hot-reload will be the only thing needed.