Push notifications stopped working

I am using Meteor 1.4.1

Push notifications just suddenly stopped working on iOS and Android. Whenever I try to broadcast push notifications I get this error from the chrome console

GET http://app.myapp.com/sockjs/info?cb=kb6ea6scd6 net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED
I also get this message on the server side

[WARNING:aw_network_delegate.cc(66)] http://app.cyclusbreak.com/sockjs/info?cb=q_f913x8wi#-102#1
This is when I send push notifications from production, in development I have the same issue but no errors.

I use the raix/Push library which is dependent on Cordova Push plugin. I am currently using these cordova plugins


I am not sure what is wrong, any feedback or help would be greatly appreciated

Hi @adim86 , any breakthrough? Im also facing the same issue.

Me too… Anyone can help?:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Sorry still facing this issue. it fixed itself before but in the last three months it is back again. Any Luck?