Push notifications with Meteor 1.6


Hi guys,

I’m really out of ideas. I use Meteor since 1.2 and now I have a project that was first full stack and now client side only since the project has changed since. We stay with Meteor instead of going with ionic of something else because we really know the stack and we are confortable with it. (Also because we had wrote almost 50% of our project already)

Since I updated from to ( then 1.6), the push plugin that we used stopped working (https://github.com/phonegap/phonegap-plugin-push version 1.10.5). I can call any function and create my instance with init(), but nothing happen. Even the modal to ask permission to receive push notification stopped showing. I was then thinking to use version 2.1.0, but while running it on my iPhone, i couldn’t access the PushNotification global variable. I checked all the logs I could get and there is no trace of an error that would cause this global variable to not show up.

I need to use push notifications with my and and I’m not sure to return to for the iOS 11 compatibility of

What should I do, I’m searching for a solution for a few days and maybe I’m not looking at the right place.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


I apologize that I don’t have time to help troubleshoot, but I successfully use raix:push with Meteor 1.6, so it is possible. My phonegap-plugin-push is at version 1.10.4.


Hi bmanturner, I will try using 1.10.4 and tell you if it work for me as well.

By the way, thanks for https://github.com/bmanturner/cordova-plugin-meteor-webapp, it fixed a problem that was having for at least a month and I couldn’t find a solution. :+1: (I discovered the existance of WebAppLocalServer yesterday… better late than never :smile: )


Make sure you fork it to ensure its safety! I make no guarantees it will exist for all of eternity although I have no plans otherwise!

(Also, I just updated it over lunch. Please grab that typo fix.)


You’re right, I’ll fork it right now.
I switched to 1.10.4 and it’s working now. Thanks again !



What does your verseion of cordova-plugin-meteor-webapp do? I noticed you affected both the Android and iOS versions but don’t see in the docs the rationale. Thanks!


To be honest I never expected anyone to come across this repo so I apologize that it isn’t better documented. The commits are fairly non-descript because I was having trouble authenticating with github (I use bitbucket predominately) so I used the github file editor to make the changes.

It contains one or two fixes I’ve seen mentioned in pull requests. I believe one of them was updating a dependency, and the other seems to have resolved an issue where sometimes a hot code push would fail, requiring the app to be restarted. See here for details on that