Push to Deploy (beta) and Download all logs features

Hi all, we have two new features available on Cloud.

Push to Deploy

The first one was already announced in Meteor Impact in this talk: Push to Deploy.

You don’t need to have a machine anymore to run meteor deploy, now you can deploy changes to your app just pushing changes to a branch on GitHub. You can also create new apps on Cloud just using the UI and a few clicks to select the GitHub repository that you want to publish.

This feature is still under closed beta but if you want to use it and provide feedback please send us an email with your Meteor username to support@meteor.com

You can learn more about Push to Deploy here.

Download all logs

The second one is a small feature that was requested many times in the past months.

We had a button where it was possible to download 10,000 lines of logs, now the same button is going to download all the logs of your app (we retain app logs for 7 days).

You can learn more about Logs on Galaxy here.

As always feel free to send feedback to us at support@meteor.com.

We are always working to improve our services and add new features to our customers.

We will publish a post later with all details on Push to Deploy in our blog when it’s out of beta.

BTW, we are publishing changes cloud.meteor.com itself every day using Push to Deploy for a few weeks already.


I really like the push to deploy, a great addition to Galaxy, thanks @filipenevola and team :+1:

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