Pusher like function


Hi everyone,

Firstly, how awesome is Meteor? I’ve been working with in now for at least 2 weeks and I’m in love.

Now, in a very old app developed in PHP using a Pusher/Pubnub service I was able to push marketing out to users connected to the channel… When the page initially loads the users don’t see anything and then as and when I send the marketing adverts out they populate on the page one at a time. The new advert basically replaces the other.

Now, how can I do this in Meteor?

I’ve currently got the users subscribed to a marketing channel, in an admin section on the site (same application/same server/same mongodb) I create adverts which are saved to mongo and basically push the advert out through a each loop. very hacky.

So I’m wondering how you’d do it? Any guidance or direction would be awesome.


Can you explain further why your implementation is hacky?

I’d use Publish & Subscribe to get the adverts relevant to the user/channel