PushPickup: Connect with pickup players and organize games


Last year I worked with three members of the Meteor Community to build v1.0 of PushPickup, a Meteor app for organizing pickup games for basketball, soccer and ultimate frisbee. You can check out the repo at github slash pushpickup.

I’m now hoping to connect with 1 or 2 Meteor developers to collaborate on v2.0 of PushPickup to build out player profiles, a social onboarding experience for connecting with players in your area, and SMS notifications for nearby games.

I’m looking to work with people who are excited about the project, and who want to pair with me at least 5–10 hours per week for several months. I’m located in San Francisco, but am willing to pair with people located anywhere. I do all of the product design, in addition to QA, merging to master, and deployment. Implementation tasks are managed through the Github Issues Tracker. I am confident with the core concepts of Meteor, and contribute extensively on the front-end where templates and associated helpers and events are concerned, in addition to managing the style for the project. This is a personal project, so contributions are voluntary and unpaid.

For background and motivations for this project, please read my blog post A better way to organize pickup sports.

As for me, I work as a product designer at [Chegg Tutors][6]. Besides Meteor, I have experience with Backbone.js, and Rails more so than Django. I’m also excited about building on top of Firebase.