Qualia - $55 Million Series C

This happened a little while ago, but I figured I ought to post it here. We (Qualia) raised $55 million in our Series C last month! We’re around 250 people these days and more than 15% of all US real estate transactions go through our software. Here’s a news article with more details.

We use vanilla Meteor (including Blaze) for all of our products, and the development velocity it provides has been a core competitive advantage. I hope the community finds our success reassuring evidence for the large scale viability of Meteor.

All hail Meteor!

P.S. We’re hiring full-stack software engineers in San Francisco. Here’s our jobs page.


This is probably the strongest testament to Meteor’s suitability for enterprise. Well done!


Thank you for sharing this important information with us. We are very happy for you and wish you every success in your company and your initiatives …


Wow, this is amazing.

Congrats. :tada: :tada: :tada:

Meteor tweet of you want to spread this news https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/1204544743583232003


Congrats Qualia! Thanks for sharing!

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Great! Congratulations!

Can you tell little about your server stack? How much resources does your app need, how scaling has been done act? How.many concurrent users your app can handle?



Congrats, Qualia!! Would love to discuss projects and have you present to NYC Meteor group, either in person or remote. Hit me up if intetested.

Wow! That is amazing, great to hear about the successes in the community, especially from someone who contributes a lot back to it! :smiley:

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Fantastic, congratulations!

Congratulations! What a great piece of news and indeed a testament to Meteor (and Blaze!). I would second the idea of learning about the server stack (ahem, Meteor night!) Whatever you’re doing clearly works well. Maybe Qualia can start up a side business of Meteor-hosting that outdoes Galaxy, Nodechef, etc. :slight_smile:


@veered congratulations on the amazing and impressive achievement!!

As such a large user of Meteor already and with your continuous growth, it would be great to hear what are the things you would want most to be improved with Meteor?
Would you mind sharing your take on the Meteor roadmap?

Thank you


Thanks for sharing your Meteor success story :slight_smile: … things like this help to reshape the opinion of Meteor in the mind of the public and builds a level of excitement among the users who have stuck with Meteor and those who are new to it


Congratulation! Hope can find a remote job of meteor. :slight_smile:

@alimgafar I’m planning on being in NYC in the not so distant future, so I’m definitely interested. I’d like to take a community poll to see what I ought to talk about, rather than choosing a topic on my own.

@Urigo I haven’t had a chance to look through the whole thing in detail, but it’s reassuring that so much feedback from the community has been integrated into the roadmap. My primary concern is making sure that we can all coordinate to get the work done, since most of the features are being led by people outside of MDG. It’s doable, but different than how things have operated historically.

@imhazige We are only hiring for onsite positions (in SF), but we can help with relocation and immigration!

@iirokak I’d like to post a longer answer at some point, but here are 3 (somewhat out of date) Meteor Night talks from people at Qualia:


@veered Thank you for your response! :clap:

Wowww, Fantastic, congratulations! and long life for METEOR …

Great news !

@filipenevola I think it would be good to have updated customer success stories on the Meteor website.


Why don’t you put a poll together and I’ll send it out to our membership?

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