Qualia - Series D 🦄

This is a couple months late, but back in December we raised our Series D! We raised $65m on a more than $1 billion valuation. We are officially, as the tech world is so fond of putting it, a unicorn :slight_smile:. Simultaneous with the raise we also made a very important/mutually-strategic acquisition. As of today, Qualia is 453 people and our customers use our products to manage a very large percentage of US real estate transactions. If you bought a house (in the US) recently, there’s a good chance that the transaction went through our software.

Here is an official announcement

We still use Meteor for all of our products and we are still loving it. It’s been amazing to watch the recent reinvigoration and growth of Meteor. Shout out to @filipenevola and all of the other community members who have been making such a big impact.

Qualia is hiring developers with strong full-stack experience! Naturally, experience with Meteor is a plus, but it is not a requirement. Click here to see more information.


Congratulations @veered! That is awesome. Maybe we should have a #startups topic here for people using Meteor for amazing startups like Qualia. I’d love to hear a bit more about your startup journey to unicorn stature. Are there podcasts you or your team members have done about it?


Amazing news! I know it’s not just Meteor, but the business concept and the team you’ve built, and yet knowing how many articles I’ve read over the years describing how Meteor is great to spin up a fast app (implying that you may need to abandon Meteor as your app matures), it’s fantastic to hear you’re still using Meteor apps. Congratulations on such a rare and terrific milestone.


Congratulation and good luck going forward!

@filipenevola, would there be a possibility of doing an interview with @veered on the Meteor Podcast to find out how Meteor has contributed to their journey to unicorn status?


@veered, qualia.com loads at super-speed. Do you use a CDN, SSR, both, or neither?


It’s statically hosted on S3 and is served over a CDN (CloudFront). CloudFront is also nice because it lets you do SSL termination. I think we use DocPad for generating the static files.


Huge! Congrats. Would love to chat about some promotion here. Reach out to me at matthew@meteor.com if you’re interested :blush:


Congrats! Great to read a unicorn uses Meteor
Are you still primarily using Mongo?


Incredible! Seriously an inspiration to all of us Meteor start-ups. Congratulations on all of your success!


Congratulations! I was excited to hear this and went straight to qualia.com and also login.qualia.com, but on neither of these Meteor was defined, when I tried in the dev console. Is there a way to see which of your products use Meteor and in what fashion, @veered ? It could be educational for others, including myself, since Qualia may well be the largest commercial Meteor deployment out there.


Congratulations guys!


Absolutely amazing @veered - massive congratulations, and yay Meteor! :tada:


A podcast would be nice :wink:

I’ll talk with @veered about it.

And congrats to Qualia. Impressive work!


Im curious about this too. Could you @veered put some screenshot of your product that uses Meteor? Thanks.

Yes, still primarily using Mongo!

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