Query : Meteor React Native Build for android

Hi Geeks,
I would like to clarify one thing before starting a project in meteor.
My plan:

  1. Will develop a project in ReactJS, React Native, MongoDB, Material UI, Meteor, Apollo-GraphQL
  2. For web development, UI will be on ReactJS. For Mobile, UI will be on React Native.

My Query:

  1. If Im using React Native along with Meteor, do I need to generate build(android) from React Native itself or via Meteor? If Meteor do I need to add cordova plugins for building android?
  2. If I build via meteor-cordova will there be any performance issues than React native build vs meteor-cordova build?
  3. Shall I build using React Native with out using cordova for building android?

Kindly advice.

Ananth S

I think @copleykj might have some experiences with this.

Will message him. Thanks

He will likely show in this thread now that he has been tagged. Would be best if the conversation remained public for future reference. @copleykj has done some work around React Native that I know of.

I have recently setup Apollo in Meteor so if needed I can give some pointers about that.

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You’re just building a React Native app and connecting it to your data source. You won’t need any Meteor tooling. Something like CRNA or Expo will be quite helpful in simplifying the process though.

Thank you very much @copleykj and @storyteller