Question about bozhao:link-accounts

I would like to allow my users to sign in to their user accounts using different methods, so they can still use username/password, but also Facebook and Apple instead.

To make this work, I would like to add social logins to an existing user account.

After reading the docs of bozhao:link-accounts, I am a bit confused. There’s a section “Design notes”, but it is unclear if this is a “to do” list or a feature list.

In particular, I stumbled upon this note:

Save the linked service info on, instead of creating new field on user object. This allow user logins the application from linked services.

Does this mean that link-accounts won’t support alternative logins to the same user account at the moment? If so, is there any other package / best practices to achieve exactly that?

My main use case is: Our app did not support any social login so far. If we now add this feature, people would want to switch to the new auth method on new devices without losing their existing content.

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I will have to revisit the section to make sure it is up to date. But this seems to be a statement of how it works. Once the user connects additional services to their account they can use any of the connected services to login to their account.

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Oh, this is awesome. Thanks a lot for the quick response and clarification!

I can confirm that it just works as a breeze! I was able to link the accounts and login with Facebook to the very same account I was signed in with a password before. This is amazing!

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