Question about first tutorial (ToDos) - Where are the files?

Hello and thank you in advance for your help.

  1. I installed chocolatey on Windows 10.

  2. I installed meteor without issue.

  3. Reopened Powershell

  4. Followed the steps in the first tutorial and the app opened in http://localhost:3000


The tutorial was good until it says " try editing the text in <h1> inside client/main.html using your favorite text editor."

I want to but…

…nowhere in the tutorial does it tell the user WHERE that file is on the computer or where the “client” folder is located.

Thank you for your help.


Welcome anotheropus!

To quote the tutorial:

To create the app, open your terminal and type:

  meteor create simple-todos

This will create a new folder called simple-todos with all of the files that a Meteor app needs:

  client/main.js        # a JavaScript entry point loaded on the client
  client/main.html      # an HTML file that defines view templates
  client/main.css       # a CSS file to define your app's styles
  server/main.js        # a JavaScript entry point loaded on the server
  test/main.js          # a JavaScript entry point when running tests
  package.json          # a control file for installing npm packages
  package-lock.json     # describes the npm dependency tree
  node_modules/         # packages installed by npm
  .meteor/              # internal Meteor files
  .gitignore            # a control file for git

As for where that new folder is created, it’s created in the folder your command prompt is open in, which I think by default is your user folder.

You can see which folder the prompt has open by reading the path before the cursor:

So in my case, the project would be at


and the client/main.html file will be at:


Thank you Coagmano :slight_smile:

Okay, a followup… I was using Powershell and my command prompt was at C:\WINDOWS\system32\ when I ran the command to install the simple todos. So, yes, that’s where the folder was created.

This brings up new questions.

  1. Do I need to "uninstall this from that location or can I just delete the folder/directory and everything inside of it?

  2. (and how?)?

You can just delete it in the usual windows way

And in case you don’t know, you can change which directory your prompt has open with cd:

cd C:\Users\yourusername\