Question about Galaxy and VC

I am a complete newb to Meteor. I know that it is easy enough to install locally and run, but my team is looking to try and host something so we can all see the same end result. I looked into Galaxy and for $29 a month, it seems like it takes a lot of the thinking out of getting setup. The deployment is super simple with a CLI command >> and boom >> you’re deployed. That being said, I wanted to know how VC would fit into that?

Is it typical to simply have a Git repo the team shares and we just pull any time we’re working on something, then just push the local files back up to the repo, and then separately deploy them from the CLI manually on the local machine?

Or is there a proven and tested way to do this that is better. Like having a single branch on Git that is the deployment branch, so we can work on any number of branches and then when we’re ready, merge them into that particular branch >> and it handles the CLI to BOOM! Galaxy deployment?

Sorry if these are kind of dumb questions, but Im just trying to get a better sense now, so I don’t end up having to do things multiple times later on.

Thanks for the feedback!

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That’s the way I’d do it.

I’ve tested Galaxy extensively, it’s a great platform. One CLI, and about ~10 minutes later, your app launches on a new container. It does full logging, and it’s really great. Meteor is a bit of a bugger to hassle because you have to host MongoDB yourself some where else. I went with mLab as per their tutorial, and it was great there too. mLab gives you 500mb for free on 1 CPU core share setup. It’s decent.

This way is expensive however.

I’ve spent probably 2 months trying to figure out hosting myself over various projects. My main is, an MMO built on Meteor. I went with Google Cloud Compute, because they gave me a free $300 dollar coupon. Galaxy and mLab charge about 2x the rate, but you’re paying for their service. If you have the budget, honestly, go with Galaxy + mLab.


Have 1 Production branch that your team merges in to. Clone that repo on to your desktop and run the Meteor deploy CLI from that directory and boom. Good to go. GitHub with Meteor is a breeze. Local dev is so great.

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Awesome feedback @SkyRooms. I thought that would be the case as far as VC and deployment. In the past with my node/express/mongo custom apis I’d use mLab’s free single node, a github repo, Travis for CI and testing, and Heroku to deploy and host. So a merge into the GH repo would test and deploy.

No biggie though. Basically, I would just need to pull down the production branch locally and deploy it using the Galaxy CLI. Makes sense. In reality, that is a small tradeoff to only have to deal with Galaxy instead of: Travis + Heroku + GH all connected.

Thanks again for the feedback. Much appreciated.

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Cheers, welcome to Meteor <3