Question about Meteor.bindEnvironment

Will Meteor.bindEnvironment be removed in v3 ?
It is not listed here Removed Functions | Meteor 3.0 Migration Guide so I suppose it will work with v3.

I use saml2-js and their function post_assert(IdP, options, cb)has a callback.

I use to call it like this :

sp.post_assert(idp, options, Meteor.bindEnvironment(async function (err, saml_response) {
// do meteor stuff like finding the user, ...

How would you transform this if Meteor.bindEnvironment is not supported anymore ?

Most of the time I was able to use the await/async mode to stop using callback, but for this one I don’t know how to do it.

Thanks for your help

Hi, Meteor.bindEnvironment is still supported and adapted to Meteor 3: meteor/packages/meteor/dynamics_nodejs.js at 08c2d7b679b6e70d5e95b56d7c82a5d31af7eae1 · meteor/meteor · GitHub. So we’re not going to remove it.

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