Question new mobile project (react-native or cordova)

I am currently working on a new project for a client and I need to work on a mobile application for what I have already built. I see the two best options are react-native and cordova. Would love to know what do you recommend? What are the advantages/distadvantages of each using them with Meteor?

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Hey @juanpmd, nice to have you here!

Meteor works out of the box with Cordova, as you might see from the docs or tutorials you can add the platform, and it will work and give you a lot of speed of development.

With React Native, we have this fantastic package from @jkuester that he has been maintaining and looks good. The great advantage of using React Native is its ecosystem, and if you are using React, you might reuse much that you have written before.

Maybe @jkuester can say a little bit more about what he loves the most about using React Native with Meteor

My personal opinion (one Legend said it’s the cheapest commodity on Earth) is go for react-native. It may require much more works than cordova option but it’s real mobile app.

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Hey :wave: Yes I’m somewhat maintaining Meteor-React-Native (MRN). I’m currently a bit in the middle of some crunch at work but I will constantly get back to it, as our projects use RN, too and I expect them to go for another 3 years.

Note, that MRN will get a new roadmap as it will also move forward to be Meteor 3.0 compliant, but also because there are a few internal designs that could need a rewrite.

My Idea was to get some constant MRN users (like @bratelefant) on board and collect ideas/requirements for a MRN-3.0 roadmap.

If you @juanpmd have any feedback or issues you think should be addressed in the future, then please join the discussion in the repo and/or here.


I can only confirm that going for RN ist the way to go. This enables you to stick to, which is well maintained. Cordova is a PITA at times, all that plugin stuff, setting up push notifications, keeping up with android sdk versions etc

I‘m really happy with @jkuester s package for RN. My next PR on this will probably be on 2FA, this is working really well in Meteor, I‘d like to get this on my RN client aswell.