Question on Emergency Maintenance on July 11, 2016

On July 11 at 6:40 pm Eastern time, all our instances on galaxy went down
We manually restarted them at 9:00 pm Eastern time

Could this be related somehow to the emergency maintenance noted on your site on July 11 here?

This has not happened in the past and normally when instances go down, they automatically restart but they did not auto-restart this time.

Thank you for any information you can provide,
Mandi Papich
Relay Foods/Door to Door Organics

You should really raise a Galaxy support ticket for this. Pinging @marktrang

Please log a support ticket from within Galaxy and our engineers can help examine what happened. Thanks for raising this!

Thanks! Do you have a link I could use to submit that ticket? I am looking and don’t see the place to submit a support ticket. Thanks you so much - Mandi Papich

You can send support cases from the dropdown menu of the top left of your Galaxy dashboard.

The direct link to request support is:[yourgalaxyaccountname]]?overlay=SupportRequest

Excellent-thank you!