Question regarding the benefits of Meteor 1.4 and using React



I have a question regarding the move to 1.4 Meteor.
I am just starting with React frankly and I’m curious as to what problems the new direction from MDG will solve in traditional Meteor Apps.

  1. How does the new direction i.e “Meteor, React, Redux …” solve seo related issue.
  2. Will Meteor, React, Redux be a good solution for building SEO friendly websites ? or is it still primarily meant for app based projects still containing underlying
    SEO issues with building websites.
  3. Will there be any changes in regards to building mobile apps using the direction i.e “Meteor 1.4” . Are we still supposed to use Cordova ? or will React Solve this?

My apologies if these questions seem vague , just trying to put all general thoughts together.



I’m not exactly sure how this is related to 1.4 specifically (it seems to be mostly about updating Node and MongoDB), but you can solve the SEO issue in two ways basically. Either with server side rendering or by preloading the client.

You can also create a sitemap.xml and upload it to Google Search Console to improve the search results.


You can go with React Native and npm plugin react-native-meteor. React Native is still young and some features are missing, but compared to Cordova you have a real native app, which is connected to your Meteor backend. I think within the next 1-2 years, RN will beat Cordova.