Question why in the world an object has stopped being a referance type

so… there is an empty object
there is sum to sum up numbers, i use it because its referance type.
than there is the method, it all worked fine.
now it stoped being referance type.
dont get it why, it all worked fine.

as you see it shows 40, than 0, than 15, than 40 again.
while it should be, 40, stay 40, 55, stay 55.

Welcome @isaac736198 I am confused as to what your issue is here. I doubt that Javascript has changed its behaviour. Can you provide a clearer example, or even put your code in a Codepen or snippet for us?

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Is this Meteor related?

right… iam srry it has been resolved already.
it wasnt what i thought, just the change i interduced, i forgot checking it.
than i checked the next day and thought i did, and that why i thought it stopped being referance type.
also the issue i caused really made it look like it isnt refferance type anymore.

anyways… its all good now.