Questions about meteor-Ionic2 tutorial

Hi All

I’m currently following that ionic2-meteor tutorial:

And i’m at step “message page”. But when i go to localhost:3000 i can’t see anything. Is that normal?

Also how many packages used in the tutorial are outdated? It appears that i can’t use the “typography”, so i looked into
this post:

And commented it off, and also had to change the cordova keyboard version to something higher than 1.1.4 before i can get no error, but i still see nothing when i go to localhost:3000

Is this a typical error?

Thanks in advance for your answers! :slight_smile:

are there any errors when you hit f12 in the browser?

as for the keyboard thing, if anyone else needs this info, use:
meteor add cordova:ionic-plugin-keyboard@2.2.1

also make sure you use:
meteor update --all-packages

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Hi Chris

Yes, i got someone telling me that i can actually look at the console, i did it, and it’s more like a CHAIN of
errors, most likely due to a lot of outdated packages i think, i’ll post here later if i’m really stuck and can’t get anything done.

thank you for your answer :smile: