Questions on MongoDB and app / collection names / backing up / naming etc

Can someone explain to me how mongodb tables and apps are managed. I finally had time to upgrade to Meteor 1.2 and rename the app from a prototype to it’s production name. I had to basically redo my packages file which went pretty smooth but I had to kind of start my project from scratch. I changed the name of my app in the process when I did so, since it’s not a prototype code name project. What I noticed is all my collections on my local development env are missing, no collections. So I need a little background or point to documentation on that.

So I changed my app name: is different as well.

Is this different from Production, how do I migrate an app name in prod?
Do I have to migrate these tables manually to get from prototype project to production, and what’s the best way to do that from 1.1 to 1.2? Any gotchas to this?

Also, Kudos to MDG for making 1.2 really nice, the packages have followed suit. I’m finally going to be using Meteor in production and I’m excited yet a little nervous.

Meteor doesn’t have a built-in concept of “app name” - what are you referring to?

I’m using the yogi ben meteor admin package, which seems to be why I have that config file. So does meteor in development mode use it’s own instance of mongodb? Why I don’t see my collections in my new app?

What do you mean by collections missing? Like they aren’t in Mongo? I think Meteor might only create the collection once you insert the first document, have you tried that?

The collections are empty in development, Do the the collections use it’s own set of collections specific to the project folder I am working in? Why would one project have empty collections, while the the other project has collection items on the same system (if the collections are the same names?)

Yes, every project has its own MongoDB instance, so collections are not shared between different Meteor apps in development by default.

Ok to follow up then in production (using mup) this would not happen (my collections will all be there in tact) when I migrate to a new version of the app?

Well from what you’re saying, it sounds like you might have created a totally new app and then moved your source code into there, in which case it sounds reasonable to me that your collections wouldn’t magically migrate over.

In production, you should have a database URL. Whatever database URL you specify in Mup, that’s the URL it will access. Either way, you should probably back up your database before you do anything dramatic if you have important production data, especially if you are making huge changes to your app.