Questions on Returning To Meteor

Hi there,

As the title says I’m considering returning to Meteor after essentially rolling my own stuff for a while now on small stuff, but I feel like I’m missing a lot of the ease Meteor provides. The purchase of Meteor is also something that gives me hope that there will be more development and support. I do have some questions though as its been a couple years since I used Meteor:

  1. It seems like you can fully remove Mongo and DDP for GraphQL it seems now which seems cool for me, but I’m curious if I can use the Accounts packages with GraphQL and a MySQL DB? I’m not sure if someone has made that work, and I haven’t found much on it but if it can be done that’d be nice.
  2. What is the default router used in React based Meteor apps at this point? I don’t mind Blaze, but I feel like I’d go Vue before Blaze if I’m not using React just for continued support of the library?
  3. Are sticky sessions still required when load balancing across multiple instances?
  1. I saw some people working on that, but don’t know the details. Generally Accounts are the only exception from full GraphQL. That is also mainly due to the fact that other packages (official & community) expect them to be on DDP.
  2. With React, the most common router is react-router. Blaze still has its supporters here if you want to go that route, but if React is more to your liking then use it.
  3. As for load balancing I think that depends on your hosting provider. Galaxy guide

Cool. I was leaving Meteor as React was really taking off so the last I knew people were talking about maybe using React-Router but most were still using Iron and Flow (mostly Iron, Flow was “too new”, to date myself lol).

It is a shame that Accounts is still stuck there though. I’d be mildly curious as to the core of whats causing it to be difficult but I can respect that auth is also something not to get wrong. I’m also not against Mongo, its just being in Canada I hoped to keep everything hosted inside Canada and no one has a managed Mongo service in Canada that isn’t Atlas at a M20 (?) level which is extreme overkill. So maybe I just roll my own Mongo Replica Set? Is that still annoying to maintain today? (I did my Mongo Admin course years ago at this point and haven’t used it in years)

It remains interesting to me that there is no direct answer for load-balancing a Meteor app. I guess at this point though you can build a Meteor app with all the Meteor stuff, or just all the build tools though so it kinda makes sense.

Yes, when it comes to load balancing outside of Galaxy it is the same as any other node app.

As for MongoDB I don’t know about maintenance since I use Atlas. Though if I remember correctly there was at least a project that stored the accounts in SQL database, not sure where that ended.