Quick start tool for running TinyTests in CircleCI

Done primarily for newcomers to Meteor, but probably handy for everyone at one time or another: Meteor Tinytest Runner

Run the installer in the root of your project and it will set up a CLI tool for TinyTesting all the packages in the package directory, returning the test results on the command line.

The main feature is an enhanced circle.yml configuration file for CircleCI that exploits caching for extra fast builds.

Meteor Tinytest Runner is a fork of tozd/meteor-test-runner, which adds :

  • full getting started documentation
  • self-extracting installer
  • uninstaller
  • tested CircleCI configuration file with caching

Sweet! And that should work nicely with either practicalmeteor:munit or clinical:verification extending the TinyTest framework. Nice job!

Thank you! :blush:

Let me know if you have issues doing that.