Quill Editor Version 0.20.0

@seeekr, your quilljs package is at Quill version 0.19.8, is there any chance this could get bumped up to the current version 0.20.0? There are a few critical bugs that have been fixed.

If you don’t have the time or inclination, can you give me pointers on how to do it with a fork of your repo?

Would it not just be a matter of replacing the source files?

Download quill -> drag and drop replace source files -> edit package.js a bit -> publish!

I found a fork of his code that is updated to the latest version – problem solved.

hey -
basically take a look at this commit where I used the forked repo and
applied the new quilljs version:

The idea is to mainly bring in the changed files from downloading quilljs,
replacing the old files, and then bumping the version number for atmosphere.

Give it a shot! If it works and/or you’re struggling with something
specific then hit me up and/or send a pull request and I’ll be happy to
merge it! (Or just publish it under your own namespace, as you like.)


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EDIT: Ah, solved. Cool. Answered by email, didn’t see newer posts when replying.

Is there a package now, for 0.20.0?

Yes, look at the fork of @seeekr 's repo for the 20 update.

You mean this one? https://github.com/trever/quilljs

That’s the one i’m using.

Although, in 20 there’s still issues pasting rich text like bold, and words fully capitalized into the editor depending on what browser you’re using. For example, in Chrome if you paste bolded words into the editor, sometimes they’ll be unbolded. In FF if you paste fully capitalized words into the editor, sometimes they’ll be uncapitalized.

Is this Quill’s problem? Have it been reported upstream?

If you look at what I wrote below, the opposite is also true, for example,

In FF if you paste bolded words into the Quill editor you keep bold, but in Chrome it doesn’t. In FF all capital words sometimes get converted to lower case on paste, in Chrome this doesn’t happen as far as I can tell.

Note: This is all copied from Word and pasted into Quill.

I’ve posted an issue on the Quill repo about this, but he always wants a reproducible repo and I don’t have the cycles right now.

Merged the changes into themeteorites:quilljs, about to publish to

EDIT: Merged and published. https://github.com/themeteorites/quilljs

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@seeekr do you mind bumping your fork to 0.20.1? There are a few bug fixes, one of which I’m encountering:

Version 0.20.1 Patch release for everything prior to Parchment’s integration into Quill.


API for hotkey removal #110, #453
Bug Fixes

Editor jumps to top when clicking formatting buttons #288
Editor does not preserve bold text when pasted from itself #306
Focus issues when scrolled down in IE10+ #415
Error if keyboard shortcut used for unavailable format #432
Scrolls to cursor if not visible after enter/deletion/paste #433

Also, since it’s a fork, by default ‘issues’ are turned off. Will you turn issues on on your fork (that why I could ask this on there instead of here)?

Mind just sending a PR? And I’ve turned on issues!

Sending a PR is easy: Fork the repo. Clone it locally. Make your changes (i.e. overwrite old quill files with new ones found in new release). Commit. Push to github. On Github’s UI press “send pull request” (or something similar) and that’s it.

EDIT: created an issue and linked this thread – https://github.com/themeteorites/quilljs/issues/2

@seeekr yes of course, a PR has been sent.

Updated to 0.20.1.

meteor add themeteorites:quilljs