Rackspace Deployment

I have a new client wanting to deploy their meteor app to Rackspace. I am looking for a review on pricing, support and ease-of-use. Thanks!

Old post but this is how you do it! even on EC2

just enable the firewall since it’s not enabled by default

ufw enable

then allow the two ports fot http and ssl to be open

ufw allow 80

and ssh

ufw allow 22

then use mup to deploy your app :smiley:


Any info about Rackspace? Thinking to contract their services

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easy dude just deploy it and use the commands I wrote up here okay?

if you need help contact me ok?

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How is this hosting compared with DigitalOcean? I’d prefer performance instead space and I’d love to use MongoDB in same instance/server. Is this possible with them?