Radium and Meteor 1.3

Anyone using Radium with React on Meteor 1.3? I tried to use it and it doesn’t seem to do anything. It’s too bad, since I’m used to array-like style objects from React Native. Any help in getting Radium to work will be greatly appreciated!

Yes, I use Radium in my Meteor 1.3 app + React. You can try use ES6 like as:

import Radium from 'radium’
class Layout extends React.Component {
render() {
return ()
Layout = Radium(Layout);
export default Layout;

I try use decorator as ES7 format, but in Meteor dont work decorator in 1.3 now.


@rwizard Thank you! I knew there had to be an easy solution. Already loving it!

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It works like a charm, thanks ! For newcomers : you just have to wrap your main layout with Radium and then you’ll be able to inline-style where you want in your entire app.

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