Rails 5 ActionCable is just no contest compared to Meteor. Please support real SQL guys, you have this in the bag!

It’s just no contest.

To do the same thing in the brand new Rails 5 ActionCable, you need to create a Channel in your backend, have Redis, and EventMachine. Then you have to return actual HTML, capture that HTML in your client side, append using jQuery.

Compare to Meteor just save the record. “And then what?” No, there is no and then, it’s just save your model boom there ya go.

It’s just such a non-contest. Are you guys going to speak about support a sql database soon? You have this in the bag.


Is this a duplicate of the other thread about SQL?

I don’t think so. I just saw a release thread for Rails 5, and thought I would compare the latest and greatest from Rails (arguably the most popular framework on the web) with Meteor in it’s infancy.

tl:dr; Meteor just does so many things right.