Raise your Meteor skills from Level 1 to Level 2

Greetings everyone!
Checkout this brand new, complete tutorial series. This tutorial is aimed at beginner and intermediate developers who just found their feet on Meteor.

This series has been designed taking into consideration basic security and productivity in Meteor development. You would be creating a blog in the tutorial. The code is available in a GitHub repo . I know there are tons of tutorials out there for developers starting off with meteor. Despite that, I thought I give it a go with my own style.

In every lesson, I put up some challenges for the audience. I am hoping you can guys can contribute to the ecosystem and propose better versions.

Let me know your feedback so that I can improve my writing.


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Just my two cents: noticeable scroll-jacking interferes with my concentration/understanding of an article 99% of the time.

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removed. thanks for the feedback.

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